Enrollment Process

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Program Enrollment / Process (Direct Install)

1. Energy Efficiency Specialist (EES) obtains signed Access Agreement from Customer; this enrolls Customer in the Program.
2. EES conducts site audit to identify potential measures.
3. EES enters site data into energyOrbit software and specifies measures.
4. If applicable, specialized contractors perform subsystem audits and their data are incorporated into Proposal.
5. EES generates Proposal detailing recommended measures, total costs, rebate, out-of-pocket costs, projected payback and energy savings and presents to Customer for approval.
6. Upon approval, Customer signs Work Order and job is assigned to Installer(s); Program staff manages project to completion. Customer also signs separate agreement with Installer(s) for out-of-pocket portion of project.
7. Following project completion and successful post-inspection, Program releases rebate payment to Installer(s).

RCx Enrollment / Process

1. Screening Phase: Determines whether energy savings may be cost-effectively achieved; signed Access Agreement is obtained which enrolls customer in Program. Includes short site visit and review of customer operations.
2. Planning Phase: Review site visit data, utility meter data analysis, identification of potential RCx measures, brief cost/benefit analysis, a site visit report, preliminary plan and scope of work, and estimate of Investigation phase fees. Also, an Owner Retrocommissioning Agreement (“ORA”) is developed for the customer to sign and commit to the RCx process and implementation.
3. Detailed Investigation: Detailed evaluation study of the customer’s facilities to determine the costs and benefits with sufficient accuracy to justify investment in the RCx and related measures identified in the Planning Phase, along with any additional measures that may be uncovered during this phase. This includes the following tasks:

  • Data Collection
  • Trending
  • Functional Testing
  • Savings Calculations
  • Implementation Cost Estimates
  • Development of Final RCx Measure Recommendation List

4. Pre-Implementation External Review: Upon completion of the detailed investigation, the results of the Detailed Investigation and supporting documentation will be delivered to PG&E;’s TAS group for review of measures and energy savings, costs and incentive amounts. After incorporating TAS suggestions or revisions, the Final RCx Measure Recommendation List is delivered to Customer; upon approval implementation begins.
5. Implementation and Verification: Provides oversight and support during implementation of the recommendations in the Investigation Report, and then confirmation and verification of post- implementation operations to validate achieved savings, including a Final RCx Report that incorporates any mid-implementation change orders.

External RCx customer deliverables include:

  • Planning Phase Report
  • Owner Retrocommissioning Agreement (ORA)
  • Detailed Investigation Phase Report
  • Implementation oversight
  • Verification report and confirmation of final incentive amount
  • Final RCx Report
  • Training plan and requirements
  • Incentive payment