Environmental Benefits

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

A reduction in your energy use means less carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions – the main “greenhouse gas” that contributes to global warming – is released by the power plants that generate your electricity. Your Energy Survey and Proposal (provided free of charge by CasinoGreen) estimates how many pounds of CO2 would be eliminated by your decision to complete the recommended energy efficiency upgrades.

Reduced Mercury Entering the Environment

CasinoGreen specifies ultra-low mercury fluorescent lamps wherever possible. We ensure that all your old fluorescent lamps (which contain much higher levels of mercury) are properly recycled and supply you with local information that makes it easy for you to recycle your new lamps when they reach the end of their useful life.

Reduced Potential for PCB Pollution

Many older magnetic fluorescent ballasts contain polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). Although PCBs are no longer produced, millions of PCB-containing ballasts are still in use. By switching to energy-saving electronic ballasts (which contain no PCBs), you can help rid the environment of this toxic chemical. Electronic ballasts can also eliminate the “flickering” and “buzz” that may cause headaches and eyestrain.

Did You Know?

Participation in energy efficiency programs has been instrumental in keeping California’s per capita electric usage flat over the past 30 years, in contrast with a 50 percent increase in the rest of the United States. This success has enabled California to avoid building more than 25 new power plants that otherwise would have been necessary to meet customers’ growing energy needs over this time. As a result, the state has avoided the emissions that would have come from those facilities.