Roulette Dealer Cheats House edge

When we talk about Casino gambling, the discussion remains incomplete without the mentioning of Roulette which is one of the most popular casino games all around the world. The popularity of this game is quite apparent from the fact that it has two variations. The basic rules are quite same for American roulette and European Roulette. Suffice is to say that it is loved by a large majority of casino lovers. House edge is an important aspect of this game in both of its forms. It is commonly perceived that players are faced with an house edge of 2. 63%. However, many people do not buy this idea and argue that the edge is even larger than this percentage because of the fact that dealer is capable of altering the outcomes of the game. Now would be a good point to discuss some of the other roulette cheats which people are suspicious of. Spinning of wheel

Many people have this misconception that spinning a wheel in a certain manner can affect the outcome. In other words, casino dealers are extremely skilled in the sense that they can alter the outcome by spinning the wheel in a specific way. For instance, if the bet is on seven then dealer will try to spin the wheel in such a manner that seven gets avoided at all costs. On the face of it, this seems to be far-fetched and impossible but given the fact that a dealer spins a wheel thousands of time, it could make sense after all.

Confuse the player

In addition to that, switching wheels is another tactic which players believe that dealers employ to alter the outcome and make the casino player loose. It is not necessary that the dealer uses this trick but it seems entirely plausible that the dealer reports the casino of a person that is able to win successively and on daily basis. Should anything like that happens, the casino will switch wheels to ensure that there is not a wheel master among them and to confuse the player. The basics of this game indicate that the outcomes are random because of the spinning of wheel. In this regard, you might be amazed to know that many casinos lost their licenses by installing the magnets to change the outcome.

Casino players do not have to worry about this trick any more since stringent regulations and authorities are in place to ensure the ethical operations of casinos. Talking about some of the other tricks, many people believe that when they start winning they receive pressure from dealers in terms of bets. It seems quite plausible because they would want the players to somehow change their original strategy. Be Sociable, Share!

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